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Ivory Stretch Crepe

Today, crepe is most commonly used in high fashion and other types of decorative apparel design.  

 Super soft and sooth in hand, medium weight  and 2 way stretch, flexible drape, this fabric is perfect to create anything from airy surplice blouses to more elegant skirts and dresses, bridal gowns, pants, blazers, pants, and even drapes or backdrops. Our stretch crepe is opac and flowy.

Crepe is exceptionally demanding due to its special look and comfort, light-weight feel. Crepe gives the wearer a thinning appearance and has an exceptionally effortless fall, making it very versatile. 

We guarantee premium quality

10% Stretch ( a decent amount of stretch)

Primary fabric: Crepe;

Primary fiber: 90% Polyester;

Secondary fiber: 10% Spandex;

Weight 0.6 lbs/yard

Width: 58 inches;

Multiple yardage will come in one piece.