Does Spandex Shrink? Unraveling the Truth Behind Spandex Shrinkage

spandex shrink

Spandex, also known as Lycra or elastane, is a remarkable synthetic fiber that has revolutionized the textile industry. It is renowned for its exceptional elasticity and stretch ability, making it a popular choice for various garments like sportswear, swimwear, and undergarments. However, one common concern that many people have about spandex is its potential to shrink over time. In this article, we will delve into the world of spandex to explore the truth behind its shrinkage tendencies.

What is Spandex?

Spandex is a synthetic polymer that belongs to the polyurethane group of fibers. It was first developed in the late 1950s and quickly gained popularity due to its unique characteristics. Unlike natural fibers such as cotton or wool, spandex can stretch up to five times its original length and return to its original shape without losing its elasticity.

 Properties of Spandex

The remarkable properties of spandex make it an ideal choice for various applications in the fashion and textile industry. Its main features include:

  1. Elasticity and Stretchability: Spandex can be stretched significantly, making it highly flexible and adaptable to body movements.
  2. Lightweight and Breathability: Spandex is lightweight and allows air to pass through, providing comfort during physical activities.
  3. Moisture-Wicking Abilities: Spandex has moisture-wicking properties that keep sweat away from the skin, making it ideal for sportswear.
  4. Durability and Resilience: Spandex is known for its strength and resilience, ensuring garments made from this fiber last longer.

How Spandex Garments Are Made

The production of spandex involves several intricate steps. It starts with spinning and extruding the fibers, which are then texturized to enhance their properties. Spandex yarns are created by combining multiple filaments, and these yarns are used to knit or weave the fabric, giving it its distinctive stretch.

Understanding Shrinkage in Fabrics

All fabrics have the potential to shrink when exposed to certain conditions. Heat, moisture, and mechanical action during washing and drying can cause fabric fibers to contract, resulting in shrinkage. However, the extent of shrinkage varies depending on the type of fiber and fabric construction.

Factors Affecting Spandex Shrinkage

While spandex is highly resistant to shrinkage compared to natural fibers, it is not entirely immune to it. Several factors can influence spandex shrinkage, including:

  1. Heat and Temperature: High temperatures can cause spandex fibers to relax and contract, leading to shrinkage.
  2. Washing and Drying Methods: Improper washing and drying practices can contribute to spandex shrinkage.
  3. Age and Quality of the Spandex: Older or lower-quality spandex may be more prone to shrinkage over time.
  4. Blend with Other Fibers: Spandex blended with certain fibers may increase the likelihood of shrinkage.

Does Spandex Really Shrink?

The myth surrounding spandex shrinkage has caused some confusion among consumers. However, the reality is that high-quality spandex garments, when cared for correctly, are less likely to shrink significantly.

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Tips to Prevent Spandex Shrinkage

To preserve the elasticity and shape of spandex garments, follow these tips to minimize the chances of shrinkage:

  1. Washing Guidelines: Always check the care label on your spandex clothing for specific washing instructions. Use a mild detergent and wash your spandex garments in cold water to prevent excessive shrinkage.
  2. Drying Practices: Avoid using a tumble dryer or any high-heat drying methods for spandex. Instead, lay the garment flat on a towel to air dry. This gentle drying process will help maintain the fabric's elasticity.
  3. Proper Storage of Spandex Garments: Hang your spandex garments in a cool and dry place to prevent unnecessary stress on the fabric. Folding them can cause creases that might affect the elasticity.

Caring for Spandex Garments

Caring for your spandex fabric and garments appropriately is essential for ensuring their longevity and resilience:

  1. Hand Washing vs. Machine Washing: While machine washing is acceptable, hand washing is gentler on spandex fibers. If using a machine, place the garment in a mesh laundry bag to protect it from snagging.
  2. Using Gentle Detergents: Opt for a mild detergent specifically formulated for delicate fabrics. Avoid harsh chemicals that could damage the spandex.
  3. Avoiding Fabric Softeners and Bleach: Fabric softeners can leave a residue on the fabric, affecting its stretch ability. Likewise, bleach can weaken spandex fibers, so it's best to avoid it.
  4. Ironing and Steaming Spandex: Spandex does not usually require ironing, as its stretch properties could be affected. If necessary, use a low-temperature setting and a pressing cloth to iron the garment gently.

Common Misconceptions about Spandex Shrinkage

Let's dispel some common myths related to spandex shrinkage:

  1. Dry Cleaning as a Solution: Dry cleaning is not a guaranteed solution to prevent spandex shrinkage. Some dry cleaning processes can still expose spandex to heat, which might lead to slight shrinkage.
  2. Frequent Washing Prevents Shrinkage: Excessive washing may actually contribute to spandex wear and tear, affecting its elasticity over time. Follow the recommended care instructions and only wash when necessary.
  3. All Spandex Garments Shrink Equally: The degree of shrinkage can vary depending on the quality of the spandex and how it is cared for. High-quality spandex blends and proper care can reduce shrinkage significantly.

In conclusion, while spandex is a fantastic fabric known for its elasticity and stretchability, it is not entirely immune to shrinkage. However, with proper care and washing techniques, you can preserve the integrity of your spandex garments and enjoy them for an extended period. Remember to always follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer to maintain the fabric's original shape and ensure a comfortable fit.

FAQs about Spandex Shrinkage

  1. Q: Can I prevent all shrinkage in spandex garments?

   A: While it's challenging to completely prevent shrinkage, following proper care guidelines can significantly reduce the risk.

  1. Q: How do I determine the right detergent for washing spandex?

   A: Look for mild detergents labeled as suitable for delicate fabrics or activewear. These are generally safe for spandex.

  1. Q: Can I use a fabric softener on spandex?

   A: It's best to avoid fabric softeners, as they can leave a residue that affects the fabric's elasticity.

  1. Q: Will spandex always return to its original shape after stretching?

   A: Yes, spandex has excellent elasticity and will typically return to its original shape after being stretched.

  1. Q: Should I store spandex garments folded or hanging?

   A: Hanging spandex garments in a cool, dry place is preferable, as folding can cause creases that may affect elasticity.


This article has covered the properties of spandex, its manufacturing process, the factors affecting shrinkage, and the best practices to care for spandex garments. By understanding these aspects, you can ensure your spandex clothing maintains its stretch and remains comfortable to wear over time.

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