Gold Flat Mirror Stretch Sequin Knit


   "This sequin mesh is stunning and of high quality. The shipping was fast. I highly recommend this shop and this fabric." Sarah B., Verified Kikitextiles Customer 

Ultra shiny Iridescent disco flat mirror sequins on 4 way stretch base fabric, for the ultimate combination of style and comfort.
Suitable for making dresses, entertainment apparel, dancewear, cosplay, dancewear, disco clothes, costumes, skirts, tops and many more.
Content- Polyester, Spandex. Sequins.
We guarantee premium quality.
Width 58 inches
Multiple Yardage will come in one piece.

This is not just your average sequined material. Making a cocktail dress and want it to stand-out? Nothing is louder than a sequined fabric!

  • Content 80 polyester, 18% spandex.
  • 4 Way Stretch
  • Medium Weight
  • Widht-58 inches
  • Weight 11 oz/yard
  • We guarantee premium quality
  • Multiple Yardage will come in one piece.