Hot Pink Stretch Silk


"Fabric EXCEEDED my expectations! I’ve bought other amazing fabrics from this shop, but this silk takes the cake! It's super shiny, stretchy, easy to sew! Highly recommended fabric! Damian D., Verified Kikitextiles Customer 

Our silk fabric is a very smooth, light fabric with an exquisite drape along with a lovely sheen. Each event will be a special one, because our silk is smooth to the touch, has a natural shine and it drapes well, feels wonderful on your skin.

You only have to shine and to feel as light as our silk is.

This premium fabric can be used in creating: bridal and formal wear, tie and scarves, bedding, gowns, wall hangings, scarves, dresses, skirts, bonnets, scrunchies, tablecloths, gowns and in many more uses.

Our silks have 3%-5% stretch like most of the silks; in order to achieve a lot of stretch, the fabric is cut on bias(diagonal) & 95% Polyester.

Medium Weight;

2 way stretch

Weight 90 GSM

Primary fiber: Polyester.
We guarantee premium quality.
Multiple yardage will come in one piece.