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Army Print Spandex

"Loved how fast the shipping was. The fabric is exquisite. I made a workout pant set for my client, and he is very happy" Mayra B., Verified Kikitextiles Customer 

Calling all activewear designers, this is the fabric for you! Here we have a stylish, dense fabric made from nylon and spandex. This type of material is excessively stretchy in two directions, is of a medium weight, and, for the most part, retains it's shape. Uses for this type of material include leggings, swimsuits, sports bras, leotards, bathing suits, etc. You will often see this material used by cheerleaders, gymnasts, and swimmers.

  • 4 way stretch
  • 20% spandex
  • Medium Weight
  • 0.6 lbs/yard
  • Primary fiber: Nylon ;
  • Secondary fiber: Spandex;
  • Width: 58 inches;

We guarantee a premium quality!
Multiple yardage will come in one piece.