Blue Polka Dot Chiffon


We at Kiki Textiles are excited to have this Chiffon in a super beautiful Polka dot pattern in our possession. It is remarkably fluid with a brilliant demeanor. Chiffons are characteristically light-weight, sheer, and made up of very fine, twisted yarns which are extremely strong and sturdy. Laying at 58" in width, chiffons are perfect for tops, dresses, evening wear, scarves and overlays.

Free your spirit our effortless chiffons.

This vibrant,  floaty, sheer fabric is also often used in luxury garments such as evening wear or lingerie to add a touch of class as it drapes well. 

Our fabric can add a spectacular touch to your look, to make you feel flowy and special.

  • Machine Washable
  • Sheer
  • Light weight
  • Non stretch
  • Primary fabric: Chiffon;
  • Primary fiber: Polyester;
  • Width: 58 inches;

We guarantee a premium quality!
Multiple yardage will come in one piece.