Floral Print Velvet Fabric


The handle is one of softest available and come paired with an ideal drape; there is nothing to dislike about this fabric.

Perfect for making evening dresses, bows. scrunchies, backdrops, curtains, gowns, skirts and many more.;
This polyester stretch velvet is a very rich and luxurious fabric with an ultra soft hand and elegant stretch;

Opaque with a smooth finish, a lining isn’t needed for most projects but may add structure if desired.

Our velvets don't shed like many other velvet fabrics.


Premium Quality;
Medium Weight;
4 way Stretch;


Primary fabric: Velvet;

Secondary fabric: Velour;

Primary fiber: Polyester;

Secondary fiber: Spandex;

Width: 58 inches;

Fabric weight: 360 GR/YD


We guarantee a premium quality!
Multiple yardage will come in one piece.