Khaki Delaney Gabardine


"Kiki Textiles saved my business for real. I have a clothing brand and the designs i made from this gabardine are my best selling items, bc the other designs I made don't sell lol. This fabric is pure magic❤️." Laetitia C., Verified Kikitextiles Customer 

Gabardine is an amazing fabric ,easy to wash, it barely wrinkles, and has a sophisticated look. It's tightly woven fabric used to make suits, overcoats, dresses, blazers, skirts, slacks,  trousers, uniforms, windbreakers and other garments.

  • Content: 100% polyester
  • Stretch: Minimal to none

It drapes beautifully.

  • Width: 58 to 60 inches
  • Weight: 280 Grams per Square Meter
  • Medium Weight
  • We guarantee premium Quality

Multiple Yardage Will Come in One Piece.
P.S. The blazer from the image you see is made by Kiki Textiles owner personally from this fabric. This fabric is pure magic to work with.