Turquoise Crystal Organza


Kiki's Crystal Organza is an exceptional fabric, both beautiful on its own and when featured as a supporting player in terms of underlinings.

Organza fabrics are sheer and very lightweight, yet strong with a crisp drape. For voluminous endeavors such as ball gowns and wedding dresses or structural pursuits such as fabric roses or boxy silhouettes, organza is a go-to material. It also makes the best pressing cloth around. 

Our Shimmering Organza is a timeless medium for creating sophisticated gowns and decors. Featuring a luminous, completely sheer organza base made of shimmering threads, this fabric is the perfect choice for adding a sophisticated luster to your drop-dead gorgeous eveningwear. Thin and lightweight, it comes with an airy hand and a voluminous drape. A lining may be desired depending on the application.

 Made from 100% polyester, crystal organza fabric is machine washable and easy to care for. Weighing approximately 3 oz per linear yard and measuring 0.14mm thick, crystal organza fabric has a beautiful flowing drape and a soft touch. 

  • Sheer Fabric Infused With Glitter.
  • Light Weight
  • Machine Washable.
  • Width 58 inches
  • We guarantee premium Quality
  • Non Stretch
  • Multiple yardage will come in one piece